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But since we are here:  
 Atica  (Amel 54) burns 9.2 liters per hour,  average. In think   this would be around 1.3  liters per  mile. (700 hours  history)

Atica Amel 54

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Does anyone have the $/mile of Super Maramu vs 54 vs 55?

I think I am happy, but you never know...


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Oops, two typos: the 55' "max" hull speed is 9.4kts to 9.0kts (not 9.5) for the 54 using the Stationary WL. The 54'  goes up to 9.5kts using the Dynamic WL.  Second, the width at the waterline for the 54 should have been shown as "na". 


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Peter et al,
That's 1.34 X Square Root of LWL(in feet), so the 55 "max" hull speed would be 9.4Kts and the 54 would be 9.5 kts.  That's using the Stationary water line - if you're heeled over the water line lengthens out to the Dynamic LWL so the 54's speed goes up to 9.5 kts.  I couldn't find a Dynamic LWL for the 55, but assume it would be longer (faster) than the 54.
Also, that abbreviation Lh that Peter mentioned is likely Hull Length, not LWL.  Looks like the boat names "Amel 54" and "Amel 55" came from the Hull length rounded up to the next foot.  Anyway, here's a buncha numbers from the Amel website in both Metric and Imperial units. 
Craig - sv/ Sangaris, SN#68
Amel 55Amel 54
Per Specifications on Amel website: MFt & InMFt & In
LOA17.356' 9.1"17.256' 5.2"
Hull Length16.7454' 11.1"16.453' 9.7"
Stationary LWL14.8548' 8.6"13.7545' 1.3"
< tr height="19" style="height:14.25pt;">Dynamic LWL15.3550' 4.3"
Beam4.9916' 4.5"4.815' 9"
Width at Water Line 4.1413' 7"4.815' 9"
Draf t2.27' 2.6"2.16' 10.7"
Height from water line21.369' 10.6" nana
Weight, unloaded21.5tna
Displacement with full load24tna
Theoretical "max" hull speed= 1.34 X Stationary LWL9.49.0
Theoretical "max" hull speed= 1.34 X Dynamic LWL9.5

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