Stained Sails

mike ondra <mondra@...>

We are in the process of purchasing a 1999 SM, hull #240. The seller
believes it to be an SM2000, yet it has through hulls for each of the heads.
We were under the impression that the 2000 went to a single through hull for
seawater intake. Does anyone know at which hull # the shift to the 2000 was
made? What other changes were implemented between the SM and the SM2000?
(Perhaps there is a website that identifies the changes)

Also, the sails show a lot of mildew/mold staining. Other boats I have
owned, with flaked sails when not it use, have not had this problem at 10 or
15 years old. It would seem logical that tight in-mast furling could retain
significantly more moisture than a flaked sail and support more life forms.
Have others experienced similar problems on relatively new sails with
in-mast furling? Interestingly the problem is just as severe with the
genoa, which rolls up no differently than any other furling jib I have owned
without experiencing the problem.


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