Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Stained Sails

Randy Kilmon <drifter01us@...>

Hi Mike,
We got all the way home by 6:00 P.M. last night
(Suday), having left Annapolis by 6:45 A.M.
Neither of my computers seems to be working this
morning, so I'm in the public library dealing with 197
I have not yet opened yor message containing the
survey results. However, with respect to these two
1) "Drifter" is definitely a SM 2000. It is printed in
large letters on the either side of the aft part of
the hull.
I don't know when they eliminated the thru-hull
fittings for the heads.
2) I really think you need completely new sails for
the geneoa, main and mizzen. The old ones are
serviceable but -- as you observed -- they don't look
as good as they should.
Later today, I'll try to get some quotes on a new set.
I did call my friends in Ft. Lauderdale, who I thought
had bought sails from a loft in Hong Kong. However,
they said they had bought only a jenny and that was
through Doyle Sails in Ft. L. They thought the price
was slightly less than $2900. However, that was two
years ago. Anyhow, I want everything to be as
satisfactory as possible and I'm willing to make a
price concession for new sails.
More, as soon as I've read the survey rept.
Greatly enjoyed meeting your and Tom's wife; also,
Ted, who seems like an extremely superior young man.

--- mike ondra <> wrote:

We are in the process of purchasing a 1999 SM, hull
#240. The seller
believes it to be an SM2000, yet it has through
hulls for each of the heads.
We were under the impression that the 2000 went to a
single through hull for
seawater intake. Does anyone know at which hull #
the shift to the 2000 was
made? What other changes were implemented between
the SM and the SM2000?
(Perhaps there is a website that identifies the

Also, the sails show a lot of mildew/mold staining.
Other boats I have
owned, with flaked sails when not it use, have not
had this problem at 10 or
15 years old. It would seem logical that tight
in-mast furling could retain
significantly more moisture than a flaked sail and
support more life forms.
Have others experienced similar problems on
relatively new sails with
in-mast furling? Interestingly the problem is just
as severe with the
genoa, which rolls up no differently than any other
furling jib I have owned
without experiencing the problem.


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