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I just looked for a drawing of the C drive. It must be in the books on Kimberlite.

From memory I believe it will be a big job.






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Thanks Eric. Yeah, it's pretty scary.  Lucky we didn't lose the prop.  I just discovered it and haven't talked to the marina yet.  I'll have to find out more about the galvanic isolator...good idea about just turning on shore power once in a while.


Any idea how to remove the prop shaft?


I'm going to have an electrician go over the boat looking for stray currents...any suggestions about that process?



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Wow !!

That looks awful.

I use a galvanic isolator on my AC circuit and also have the pedestal turned on only one day a week. So far in 3 months in the marina in the Caribbean I have used one kilowatt of electric.

There is a small zinc on the line cutter, and of course the 2 big ones on the rudder.

I am very sorry for the condition of your prop shaft. I believe there should be a drawing of your c drive in the owners manual . I believe replacing the shaft is a big project. It is also possible that a neighbor is putting AC into the water.

Did you have the marina check your AC outlet on the pedestal and the water around your boat?

Fair Winds


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I have just hauled Kristy out to repaint the bottom after 2 1/2 years.  She's been sitting in the water in a marina at Brunswick GA for the last 2 years where I've hired a diver to clean the bottom and replace the zincs as needed every 4-6 weeks.  I was surprised to see no zinc on the prop when we hauled out, and dismayed to see severe electrolytic corrosion of the prop shaft when I started changing the seals. I posted a pic at the KristySM243 folder
I need advice on what is involved in removing the prop shaft.  Is it necessary to remove the bottom of the drive aft of the keel?
I guess I'm going to look into isolating the boat electrically.
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