Re: Rusted Ball of Chain in the Chain Locker

Craig Briggs

PS - I see several posts are expressing concern about HCl (aka muriatic acid) damaging fiberglass.  It doesn't.  Think back about glass beakers in chemistry lab, no problemo.  Hydrochloric acid is our friend. Get the highest concentration you can - "Brick cleaner" Muriatic is good at 30%-ish concentration - not the wussy diluted "cleaners" at 10-ish%. Run it through your toilet plumbing regularly.  Wash your hull with it to remove the brown stains. Scrub those pesky rust stains on the deck with it. Do sip it in moderation, although it will perk up a Rum Sundowner and we've already got lot's in our stomachs.  And it instantly dissociates in sea water - so when you pump it out with your bilge pump it is "green" as can be.

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