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Giovanni TESTA

Hi to all,
the same to me :
I replace the red plastic cap with original prop zinc the first year (2004) because in doubt, luckly, and I have to change it every 3, 4 months...snokerling.
The rudder zincs last 6-8 months. The same with the little rope cutter zinc..
Buon Vento
sv EUTIKIA n 428

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Kent, I am curious how long a prop Zinc usually lasts you?

We have to change Libby's every 3 months. We have seen this rate of burn in 3 marina's over the last 3 years. No one place better than the other.
Knowing that Amel replaced the prop Zinc with a plastic cap and we burn through that particular Zinc every 3 months concerns me.
Our rudder Zincs last a lot longer. 6-8 months.
Looking for some logic here.

San Diego

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