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I am fairly sure that the zinc closest to the bonding will go first. This may be the reason that Amel used the plastic cup on the prop. An engineer should verify this as I speak from personal experience rather than technical knowledge. 

In my experience, the zinc closest to the bonding on our rudder seems to be 80% gone while the other is 80% there. 

When in a marina we have an additional large block zinc in the water, connected with stainless steel wire. The other end connects with an alligator clip to the yellow/green bonding wire to the fuel filler neck which is inside the starboard mizzen-mast locker...the same locker that has the fresh water hose. 

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Kent, I am curious how long a prop Zinc usually lasts you?

We have to change Libby's every 3 months. We have seen this rate of burn in 3 marina's over the last 3 years. No one place better than the other.
Knowing that Amel replaced the prop Zinc with a plastic cap and we burn through that particular Zinc every 3 months concerns me.
Our rudder Zincs last a lot longer. 6-8 months.
Looking for some logic here.

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