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Ann-Sofie Svanberg <kanalmamman@...>

When we ordered a renovation kit from Bromton, there where a zink cap attached instead of the plastic one we hade before. We did the renovation in April 2013 and the zink is almost gone now. 
Most of the zink disapeard when we where in harbours in Sicilly in August 2013 and Las Palmas, after that we have spent most of the time at anchor which seems to have slowed down the disapearance of the zink.

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29 mar 2014 kl. 14:49 skrev "Dimitris Krassopoulos" <dkra@...>:


On my Amel 54 there is a  zinc on the autoprop cap instead of the plastic cup on my SM2000. This zinc is working and I replace it with every haul out.





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