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Robin Cooter <robincooter@...>

From experience one of the key factors is how you
attach the line to the car. I secure the outhaul end
(the end which is under tension when the sail is
out)with a knot - fisherman's bend is favourite
because it doesn't slip - and sew or whip the "loose"
end for extra security. I then take the weight on
that end so I have maximum slack to tie the other end.
You can't work a fisherman's bent tight enough so use
a round turn and two half hitches, pulling up as tight
as you can and whipping or sewing the end. I have
been amazed at how much a knot will give when load is
repeatedly applied and released.


--- John and Anne Hollamby <>

The outhaul line has to be kevlar. It is not readily
available in most
places and the prudent yachtie will carry some against
the time that it is
needed. Anything less will stretch and slip.

Regards, John


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