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Mark Erdos



Congratulations and welcome to an elite group of people who have chosen wisely.


Cindy and I wish you safe travels, calm seas and fair winds in your future endeavors.


Best regards,




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Mariners should use caution. :) My wife and I just took possession of SM 209 and she is lying in Deale, MD. We are thrilled to have realized this dream and can't wait to get underway. We are relatively novice sailors, having owned our 28' Sabre for 5 years and chartered for a couple of years prior to that. We are so looking forward to exploring and adventuring aboard this boat. Thanks to those who have knowingly and unknowingly supported this decision making process. Thanks in advance for the forbearance required to bring a newbie up to speed. It's going to be exciting times! Gary Robin Rename not yet disclosed, SM209

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