Hi All,

a simple fix for a slipping outhaul rope that I have found works well is to
paint the rope with a coat of contact adhesive. Only the part that runs around
the capstan needs to be painted of course. Since doing this, I have never had
the rope slip.

Just back in the UK for a few days to go and see the Amel 54 after a Black Sea
crusie to Bulgaria & Romania.


Ian Shepherd 'Crusader' SM 414

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From: Krassopoulos Dimitris
Date: 09/23/05 07:44:34
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Dear All,

I had a similar problem in Greece. I bought a normal rope and it was
extended by on meter ( 3 feet) after a few days of use. I ordered from Amel
the original rope but it also extended slightly 15 cm after use and I was
able to take the it in in order to tight the rope. The rope has to be very
tight any slack will make the system useless.

Best Regards

Dimitris Krassopoulos

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