Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Outhaul


No problem Bob. As you know,when you 'are out there' and things go wrong, you
have to improvise if you don't have the part, and the adhesive I found worked
very well.

Incidentally I have found the same problem with the main sheet traveller at
times. The rope seems to shrink and stretch with the climate and if you tighten
the rope too much, it can be tough to move the traveller when the rope shrinks.
So I keep it on the slack side and stop it slipping with a little adhesive. It
may help me keep sailing a few years longer!

All the best


Quoting minaxi53 <>:

Thanks to all for thoughts on outhaul problem. Ian, as always you
seem to cook up an alternative to the norm, I will try that, thanx

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