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Kent Robertson

I am interested in one or both of them.  One of mine died last year and I haven't replaced it yet.
SM 243 Kristy
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From S.P. Radio A/S, Aalborg, Denmark.  The manufacturer stated these units were very low noise and ideal for powering radios.  Working perfectly, we took two out of Peregrinus last week.  One was dedicated to the Amel chain counter and the other to the original Furuno VHF; previous owners had tacked one or two devices on top of the originally intended purpose on each, but these two always had very light loads.

Interestingly enough, S.P. Radio stipulates these units must be mounted vertically and upwards, yet Amel installed them vertically and sideways; and still the units performed for over 12 years and still work!

These two have been replaced by a Victron Orion DC-DC converter which has as a backup a Mastervolt DC Master DC-DC converter in case the Victron ever gives up the ghost.

The manual, on .pdf, I can e-mail to anyone.  8A @ 12V max.  The documentation includes the electronic diagram and the parts list so the units can be repaired in the field if they ever fail.

Anyone in this forum wanting one, just ask for it via e-mail and send the cost of shipping to your location.  First come-first served.  The address is svperegrinus at the company that provides this forum dot com.

The other one is going on eBay.

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