John and Anne Hollamby <hollamby@...>

Hello again,
This subject is being flogged to death! The contact glue is probably
Evostik. Used to fix laminates to kitchen work tops etc. Much loved by
teenage gluesniffers. Obviously it makes a good emergency solution. Perhaps
that product used to stop fanbelts slipping would also work.
I suggested kevlar rope as it worked when we had a problem in Turkey. It
had to be sent in from Istambul to the huge marina at Marmaris and even
then only 12mm. was available. Since then I have bought a replacement in
the UK to keep as a spare, it is 10mm. Spectra which is even more stretch
resistant than kevlar and I had the chandlery put an eye splice in one end,
incidentally the ends are melted neatly so perhaps it is similar to the New
England product which is nt available in Europe.
Unfortunately different manufacturers have different names for products
which are probably virtually identical.

Regards from Sicily, Anne and

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