Fw: [Amel] Amel 54 Dessalinator Duo D 100 BY

Anne and John Hollamby <annejohnholl@...>

Hello Lior,
Below is a message I sent a couple of years ago as it may be hard if not impossible to find with Yahoo’s new system. Martin de Jong is by far the best source of info. I recommend that everyone makes a note of his address for possible future use. Incidentally Ian and Judy on Pen Azen reported a couple of years ago that membranes bought from Air Ice and Water in the States were a third of the price of ones bought in Europe from Dessalator
Anne and John, Bali Hai,  SM319,  for sale in Malta 
Hello Tony,
If you look for past messages about the watermaker you will find that the majority never use a steriliser and rely on flushing with product water after use especially if the machine is not going to be used for more than a few days. Incidentally the steriliser is corrosive on stainless. My first membranes lasted eight years and the present ones are five years old and still good. If Dessalater intended users to sterilise they would have made provision for doing it.  If you want to check Email Martin     desaladoratyahoo.es and /or spainatdessalator.com. He will reply promptly and clearly as he speaks excellent English and no doubt French and Spanish.

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