finally bought an Amel


After some months of searching, I finally was able to buy an 1988 Amel Sharki (#163).  Joel, if you are out there reading this; THANK YOU  again for all your help.  Joel did me a great service in helping me narrow down my choices.
To the previous owners, I'd also like to thank them for taking such meticulous care of the boat. I look forward to working with them on my transition.
As usual with any new boat, comes a learning curve.  The survey pointed out a few things and those were addressed.  I'll be going back down to Florida to sail her back to Annapolis towards the end of May.  In the meantime I do have a couple of questions:
1) Can some one tell the make of the Stern light and the bulb it requires?
2) The galley reefer might need to be replaced.  Like to find a replacement.
3) The boat is pretty much stock, so I'm looking for a source for European style plugs (bith 12V and 220V) that I can adapt for my electronics.
4) And lastly, I might new to replace the fresh water pump. A location of where the pump is and pump brand/ number would be helpful.

Aras Grinius
NEW Sharki owner...

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