Re: NMEA 183 Connection

John McDougall <j.c.mcdougall@...>

I connected the ST7000 to the B&G in order to display true wind info
on the B&G using heading info from the Raytheon fluxgate compass.
This may not be want you want but see message 155 which contained
advice from B&G Technical Dept and was very

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Hello to all

Maybe somebody can help us. We've connected the NMEA 183 "out"
from the
Garmin GPS to the Autopilot ST 7000 "in". This works fine. Now, we
would like to connect the NMEA 183 "out" from B&G Hydra2 to the
Autopilot "in". It seams not to be as easy. Has someone done this
already? We'd appreciate if you could give us the correct advice
to do
that. It is easy on the autopilot side. The big question is the
Hydra2 side.

Thanks for helping us and
best regards

Hanspeter & Nathalie Wehrli
SM 158, SY "NatHape", Panama

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