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Kent Robertson

Sounds great, Pat and Diane.  I think Dawn and I will be there without a boat, as we still want to go South for a few weeks in May if we get the CDrive repaired in time, rather than take Kristy up to the Chessy.  We'll look into getting a B & B in St Michaels and bring the paddle boards and/or inflatable kayak as a way to move about on the water...too bad I don't have my Duck Trap Wherry built yet, that would be perfect.

I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone and putting some names, faces, and boats together.

Steady as she goes.
SM243 Kristy
On the hard in Fernandina Beach, FL

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Considering all the possible locations for a rendezvous and the requirements of adequate anchorage ,scenic surroundings , restaurants , etc. I have come to the conclusion that St. Michaels best fits the bill. I thought the weekend of July 11-13 would be far enough out to allow everyone to make plans. It also allows Aletes to get back from their trip to Maine in June and should fall within the small window , between Kent resolving his present problems and his future problems . Here is a suggested itinerary ,subject to changes made by the group. Everyone tries to arrive by the late afternoon on Friday the 11th or earlier . We would all anchor just outside the harbor along the SW shoreline . Saturday about 11:30 - noon , Diane and I would invite everyone aboard for a pot luck lunch . We have had as many as 20 aboard before for dinner and it worked fine, we lined the food up on the aft deck buffet style and people sit along the decks and cockpit. If we have more people we could raft another boat alongside, although I am not a big fan of rafting. After lunch everybody or anybody who would like ,could send the day ashore visiting the maritime museum , brewery , walk/shop in the beautiful little town. Then around 5 pm. we would gather again on our boat or another boat for cocktails. We would then about 6:30 pm. dinghy in to dinner at the Crab Claw restaurant ,  which can accommodate large groups. One thing , they do not take credit cards , so have cash, I wonder why. Then Sunday if the group wanted , we would leave Sunday morning and have a rally down the Eastern Bay and over to Annapolis , where we would anchor in front of the Academy . There is always dinghy races and much to watch. We could have cocktails ,then do whatever people want, dine aboard , ashore whatever. Monday morning we go our separate ways or maybe some will sail south together ,or stay longer and enjoy Annapolis. Here is a list of owners to date that expressed their plans to attend, if you are not on the list ,yet and want to join us contact me. Aletes - Mike & Lauren , Shenanigans - Pat & Diane , TBD - Gary & Robin , Bali Hai - Ric , Indecent - Stephanie , Lone Star - Craig & Jan , Kristy - Kent , TBD - Eric & Viki , Moon Dog - John & Ruth , No Boat - Richard , Atman - Velt , Brevis - Sherman , Fiasco - Aras , So right now it looks like we have 12 boats planning to attend . Diane and I thought if we had half that many it would a great success and lots of fun. If anyone else would like to join us , please contact me at sailw32@... , or if you have comments , so as to keep the site free. Looking forward to meeting everyone , it should be fun!
                                                                                                   Smooth Sailing,
                                                                                                     Pat & Diane
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Hello, dear Amel yacht owners, We are leaving from France To Croatia next week. If you need parts from France, do not hesitate To contact us. We can bring some parts with us. We will be at Dubrovnik and its area. Best regards, Severine and Gilles, Karinteam

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