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I agree...the Reya B66 also referred to as the A.M.F.A. pump is a great pump. BeBe was delivered in Jan 2003. The pump is 11 years old and we have been on BeBe an average of 11 months/year. 

I was going to install the pump kit that I received from Amel years ago, but had Emek in Gocek, Turkey do the job. BTW, the carbon brushes were almost totally gone, and the nylon on the mechanical seal was worn almost to the metal. The metal impeller was missing a few blades. The B66 kit does not include the sealed bearings...I had Emek source those. 

Take a look: 

So, Kent, it may be time for a rebuild.

BeBe 387

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Look at Dennis' solution to the fresh water pump problems he had (Post #14750).  My SM  (#243-1999) also has the same A.M.F.A. pump as he replaced.  Others have put on-demand pumps in as replacements and seem to be happy with them.  So far my AMFA pump is 10+ years old and with regular maintenance and occasional tweaking of the air pressure and/or on/off pressure settings it has performed well.

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Thanks Kristy.
The draws 6'6" measured.  Book says it only draws 6'   I just got the call that the water pump is indeed nearly dead.  To the best of my knowledge the Sharki shares many of the same components as the Maramu's.  So if by chance you know about the fresh water pump I'm all ears.

My plan is to sail the outside up to the Chesapeake bay to Annapolis.  Shouldn't take more than a week and I have the GS going for me. I'll spend this next year up there as I wrap up some things then go elsewhere.

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