Re: Yanmar Mixing Elbow


Yanmar Exhaust Mixing Elbow--ADDITION AND CORRECTION it is $30 international, not $ is the rest of the email address.  (He is stevew@ or stevew at if Yahoo redacts it). So mention Rossi and  AMEL grooup and buy it directly from him rather than through eBay and it is free shipping in the US and half or $30 international (he told me he pays $59.50 for an international packet) A good deal I think based on our Adventures in Shipping Costs here in Europe!  Regarding the elbow , Craig and Bill your comments on investment casting is right, it is a real piece of art, very well finished and really HEAVY/THICK.  Time will tell but I think looks indestructible.  I think his note about being able to angle the exhaust stream to avoid hose burn is also a good one.

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