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Here is an email thread with Chuck Wilson at Carolina Seals in Charlotte, NC.  He was very helpful and supplied the seals at a good price.  It did take a couple of weeks because he had to order the stainless springs.  It was in 2011 so prices may have changed.

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Hi Kent,

Yes, I recall supplying these to Drew Gaffney a few years ago.  I can definitely help with this!

I actually supplied Drew with a 45x65x8 SC style (SC is a single lip, TC is a double lip).  The TC is just has an extra lip to help keep contaminants out.

I can get either style for you.  Our factory has a min purchase of 10 seals and either one is $8.32 / ea (including the stainless steel spring).

Delivery is 3-4 weeks approximate.

We can just do a credit card transaction if that will work for you.  Let me know if you would like to get an order in place, and I'll give you a call (or you can call me) to get your information.  We look forward to helping!

Best regards,

On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 2:18 PM, Kent Robertson <karkauai@...> wrote:
Hi, Mr. Wilson,
I am Kent Robertson from Hickory, NC.  I own an Amel sailboat and am looking for lip bearing seals to replace old ones on the propeller shaft.  I copied this from the Amel owner's website:
"JL Seals in the US claims to make an equivalent seal to the CORTECO I1 CFW BAU4
45-65-8, the seal that Amel sells. JL Seals has an ebay store that sells this
seal as "45X65X8 TC Metric Oil Seal Replaces BAU4 Seals 102945".
"Corteco in Germany said they could only provide them in bulk and even then, they
were incredibly expensive. I was referred by the US Corteco rep to:

Chuck Wilson
Carolina Seal, Inc.
1424 Cross Beam Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28217
P: 704.523.4450
F: 704.523.4478
cwilson (at) carolinaseal (dot) com

He was able to provide the seal for <$7.00 each. Note that most substitutes do
not have SS springs, but the ones he supplied included SS. He did a great job
of tracking down alternatives when faced with Corteco's minimum order

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Someone posted a vendor that supplies lip seals for the wearing out bearing and bow thruster with stainless steel springs.
Would you please send me the vendor.
Fair Winds
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