Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Chesapeake Bay Rendezvous

Patrick McAneny

I've been anchoring there every year for the last forty years and have never dragged , riding out days of strong conditions, it can get a little rolly though.The depths vary from about 10 to 40 feet , so of course selection of where you drop your hook and appropriate scope as always is important. I have seen many people drag over the years, as I have in many anchorages , its no wonder , sit and what people anchor , so many have not a clue. Its actually entertaining provided they are down wind of us. Pat
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For what it is worth, a good friend of mine who worked for Sea Tow out of Annapolis for 13 years tells me that holding in the anchorage in front of the Naval Academy can be problematic during strong thunderstorms. These are not uncommon in the summer here.


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