Re: Owner's Manual old Maramu

Jean-Pierre, Congradulations!!! No there is not one to send. We purchased Maramu hull #261 from 1989.  When we looked through the piles of records that the previous owner left us the closest that was found was a loose leaf binder with photo copied notes (in french) and hand drawn schetches of some of the wiring. I also found original blueprint drawings. of top and profile views of the boat. If you do not have these I could copy/photograph  and email them to you. I have modernized or replaced almost all the systems on the boat in the last couple of years and crawled into every nook and cranny (boat yoga), so if you have a question specific to the old maramu model I will try to help. If your questions are more general or Amel related then you should ask the group as they are way more qualified sailors than I am and some of them have owned the older models before stepping up to the supers and beyond and have experience with the Amel way of boating. Also, for the last word on Amel in the Americas, ask Joel Potter, he knows it all. Most systems are different then other boats, do not change anything untill you understand why the factory did it that way. What hull # are you? Where is your Maramu?
Hope this helps, 

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