Re: Amel 54 impressions/cutter rig

wilfridamel <wilfrid.lenaour@...>

-I have added one on my own. The stay is attached to the central
vertical split grp panel with two stainless stell plates.
The solent is 25sqmeters (250 square feet?)
works fine and avoid destrying the genoa too fast.
Sailed upwind this summer in a 25-30knots wind, at 50° real wind, much
better than on a half furled genoa.

-- In, "Judy Rouse" <judyrouse@h...>
Did you also notice that it is now cutter rigged? Now I'm wondering
much trouble it would be to rig a solent stay on the SM2. Anyone
know if
Amel offers a chainplate kit for such, or has anyone added one on
their own?


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