problem with drive unit leaking oil

Kostas Ioannidis <kostas_ioannidis@...>


We are having a problem with the drive unit of our SM 29 of 1990.

For the past few years our drive unit has been leaking oil and taking in sea water. We change the seals at every haul out (every year). The amount of oil we loose and the amount of sea water that leaks in is very little. After about a month of cruising the oil changes colour.

Last year we even had oil leaking through the housing , through the fiberglass, at the very bottom of unit. We cleaned and applied Epoxy with fibre glass to completely covering the base. This year so far that seems to be OK.

We also replaced the engine mounts with original parts. The engine vibration is smoother but didn't solve the oil leakage problem.

This year at haul out the seal at the top of the unit, with the hull, was leaking oil. On inspection the seal appears to be in perfect condition!

Does anybody have any ideas how to solve the problem?
And has any body had any similar problems?

Helen and Kosta

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