Re: Spare parts inventory


Vito,<br>We just finished a circumnavigation in a
couple of years. We found the following necessary as
spar parts:<br> Pumps, all - Engine raw water, Gen raw
water, Bilge, Air conditioner(s)(I am sure yours is
different from ours, we have 2 CruisAir units),
fresh(sweet) water. These all wore out and of course not at
convenient places. We did carry spares. We managed with our
bilge rebuild kit but for all the others we carried
spares. We sent Gen and Engine back for rebuild after
changing. they are now our spars.<br> Pop rivets(blind
rivets) for pole ends. check these as they tend to
disappear.<br> Bow thruster props, we carry at least 2.<br>
Engine: other than pumps normal impellors, filters, etc.
Zincs for Gen engine. <br> Hot water heater: Zinc,
Change every 2 yrs.<br> Lines: Based on usage.<br>
<br>Hope this helps, it is what we can think of readily.
Ann and Ralph SM 160

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