Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: perkins 4.154 mountings

nezih nezih

Thank you all, for your advice.

Ross, Im not sure to wait for weeks; Because there is not much time before hurricane season;but I wonder what kind of mounts they are. 

I asked  these mounts from us,uk and they answered not have them at all.
My maramu i,s 1981/88 . Vetüs mounts are very different.  If I can not find the same ones  I have hope to change the buffers.
 Now Im waiting the answer of Amel to my email.

Maybe someone has same as next before replace new engine.

Im at Belize and searching rebuilt kitts.  Belize is easy for transit shipping (no tax).
I will sail to Cuba to rebuilt the engine.  I had been there 3 month. I saw that they are exellent on engine; exactly on old engines like perkins. There is very cheap.


Nezih Kilinckini
Mahayana 1981/88

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