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Roger Banks <roger.banks@...>

Hi Mike

I've had the same problem with my Mango no. 28 (the direct precursor of
the SM). We had rot in the compression post under the main mast which
our surveyor did not find. The problem did not become clear at first
(i) because the forward well also houses the water speed transponder
which leaks a few cups of water each time the transponder is put in or
pulled out, and (ii) the plumbing to the basin in the forward head was
leaking when under pressure and needed pretty much all the clips
tightening (you may want to check this). However, water kept pooling in
that same place.

After some months of ownership and following the repairs, a guest
spotted, when it was raining, a small line of water coming down from
the mast, through the small hatch where (on the Mango at least) the
mast lighting switch box can be opened to reveal cables coming down the
mast, on down the compression post and into the forward well. I'm told
by the shipwright who made the repairs that water down the mast is a
fairly common problem and difficult to arrest, and he had applied a
good amount of glass around the base of the compression post to
waterproof it for that reason.

I've tried as follows. I found an inspection of the mast revealed few
obvious holes; any found may be sealed with a small amount of marine
Sikaflex. This made virtually no difference and I was left puzzling how
else water would enter the mast. I've recently put a fillet of Sikaflex
around the base of the mast where it sits on the step, because it looks
like some of the water running down the outside of the mast may find
its way through the coachroof via the step. This has reduced the flow
but I'm still looking. For the time being, I'm reluctant to block the
mast completely with a filler for obvious reasons of future access.

I have a similar issue with the mizzen, where we also had to repair
extensive rot in the compression box system which conveys the forces
through to the bulkhead. I notice water is still seeping through and
drips down at the aft end of the engine room, directly beneath the
mast. I cannot see yet how this is happening but I'm on the case.

Good luck and do keep in touch about it.

Regards, Roger, Mango 28, Zorba

On 07/10/2005, at 9:03 AM, Mike Gough wrote:

G,day all,

We own Maramou # 147, and I wish to warn owners who may face this
problem: after heavy rain we find fresh water in the hold under the
fwd head. (Still unable find where it leaks in). The consequence of
this leak can be disasterous. I found fresh water to have caused dry
rot to form at the base of the compression post and centre bulkhead.
It was a huge job to cut out affected areas and replace! If anyone has
an idea of where to look for the leak I would be appreciative.

MIke Gough

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