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Hi if you change to glass batteries that are no maintenance you also need to change the charging pattern of your charging system that's the downside. The second downside is depending on where you cruise glass batteries may not be available should you need a replacement. Under no circumstances can you mix and match AGM batteries and Lead acid. 
Camil has designed a pretty good system you might want to stick with it for a while and just leave it be. 

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Personally I wouldn't worry too much about the start battery, I don't.

The main engine has a dedicated alternator to charge the start every time you run the engine the start battery is charged...just like your you have a monitor for that ?....I'm guessing  the answer is no...

Same with the genset...there's a dedicated alternator that charges the start battery (same battery as the engine charges)

So in total...don't worry about it...just keep it topped up with distilled water.....or better, do what I'm gong to do and replace it with a no-maintenance AGM battery



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