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Mark Erdos

The finish on the wood is a clear semi-gloss Polyurethane. This product works very well and dries to a very close match. It is available in a spray cans giving an even no brush mark finish. It is fast drying. Multiple thin coats are better than one thick coat. Very lightly wet sand between coats:

Manufacturer    Minwax

Color     Clear – Semi-gloss

UPC       027426330559



Brass lamps are usually covered using a spray lacquer at the manufacture. It is hard to recoat and get the same quality finish. On my previous boat once the lacquer wore off, I would polish lamps every couple of months to keep up the brass. If you do to wish to polish, you can use a spay lacquer. All the polish, wax and well ~ just about everything must be removed from the lamp and taken down to the bare brass before refinishing. Or, you can just live with the “antique” look.



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Has anyone found a product to refresh the varathane interior finish on a SM?  Also, the clear finish on my brass Amel lamps has failed.  Has anyone renewed the lamp finish.



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