Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Super Maramu 2000 for sale in French Med.


Hallo John,
I own a SM 143 (1995) and would like to explore the possibility to upgrade to a SM of a somewhat younger date. Would you be so kind and let me know more about your boat. In particular I would be interested :
-price (VAT paid)
-where was the boat sailed?
-was the boat sailed always by the same person?
-how many days did you spend as an average annualy on the boat?
- how and by whom was the boat maintained?
- electronical equipment-any change to the standard equipment?
-sails are of 2001?
- any other items which might be of interest to a buyer?
- when do you intend to hand over the boat?
Best regards
Rainer Bichlbauer

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