Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Maramou, freshwater under fwd head

Mike Gough <mahili_au@...>

G'day Roger,
Thankyou again for advice, looks like our problems were identical and both caused by fresh water. Approx 12 months ago I made the unpleasant discovery but instead of removing the shower tray I cut away the bulkhead forward of the compression post from the saloon side, removing all damaged material from there. The post was approx 30% affected so it was not as advanced as your Mango. After much new timber and epoxy resin I think I have repaired to original strength. Water is still sometimes found after heavy rain so I am keen to solve that problem. I will let you know when I do.

Mike Gough

Roger Banks <> wrote:
Hi Mike

You're reminding me now of some more detail. Our shipwright had to take
out the shower tray and renew the inner layer of the double skin
bulkhead from the shower tray downwards. At that stage we were
attributing the compression post rot to shower activity dampness
working its way down the side of the shower tray. Maybe it was a
combination of factors. I recommend you do some testing of the post and
bulkhead with a screwdriver blade without delay.

We did not have to take down the mast, however. A couple of acro-props
were used to bridge the load of the mast down to the hull while the
compression post and bulkhead were cut away. Whilst it all sounds
rather frightening, it proved to be a fairly straightforward job for a
competent shipwright and not too expensive, circa $2000 Australian.

Regards, Roger, Mango 28, Zorba

On 09/10/2005, at 11:37 AM, Mike Gough wrote:

G,day Roger,

Thankyou for info, design under main mast sounds the same and I think
water ingress from base of mast is most likely as was the case for
your Mango. I have noticed water draining into the head by way of a
special water trap as you described but this goes into the shower bay.
The walls are lined with the usual Amel vinyl lining and I am
wondering if somehow water could be moving down between the vinyl and
wall proper? I think I may have to consider lifting the mast one day
to resolve. Incidentally, I managed to mis spell the model name.
Should be Maramu!

Thanks again,
Mike Gough


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