Re: Rusted Ball of Chain in the Chain Locker


I managed to get the rest of the chain out of the locker but by different method.  The pneumatic chisel I used the first time wasn't available so I bought one.  Unfortunately it was a "medium throw" tool that moved the chisel almost an inch with each thrust...that was too much to allow me to hold it in one place and it was not very effective.  If you have to do this, get a "short throw" tool.

I was able to lift the port ball of chain with the halyard, and cut it below the ball with a grinder/cutoff wheel.  Then swung it to the access port, pulled it out through the port, and tossed it over the side.  The second ball on the starbord side came out in one piece, too.  Unfortunately the line that is shackled to the bulkhead was tangled in the ball of chain, and I had to remove the shackle at the easy task one-handed.  I had to stop several times because of a totally numb arm.

Then, I sucked out about 40-50 lbs of rust debris from the bottom of the locker with my shop vac, and when I looked for the opening to the drain pipe, I discovered that there is a false bottom glassed in with a dozen or so holes to allow water to drain from the locker into the forward most part of the bilge.  I can't access the bilge to remove all the rust that has fallen in through the holes....Grrrrr.

So I'm hiring a 12 year old farm kid to climb into the locker, cut out an access port in the false bottom, suck out the remaining rust particles, try to clean the rust out of the drain pipe, and replace the cutout port.

I already have about 30 man-hours in this project, haven't finished yet, and still have to buy a new chain.

SM 243 Kristy
Tiger Point Marina, Fernandina Beach, FL

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