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Dear Nilo.

I bought my first Amel 3 years ago and I have been sailing the Med since then.
Prior to that- since 1973-  I have had sailed only sloops, cutters and cats,  in North Atlantic and Brazilian Coast. So I am not the typical Amel owner: on his/er third Amel or with a 10 years ownership. But I am hooked all the same.

Looking for a new boat, I visited Halberg-Rassy, Najad, Malo shipyards. The last one on my list  was Amel. And I tested sailed each one of them. My final decision was between HR and Amel, slightly favoring HR.

Luckily, a good friend and excellent sailor was with me all the time. He also owns an HR and used to be a big HR fan, until he sailed an Amel from NW Portugal to Barcelona. His goal was to show me why he was converted to Amel. Which, I am happy to say, he did.

My concerns were basiclly the same as yours. But now I would say  chances are you will be surprised on the positive side. The 54 is better than it seems. At least this happened to me. 

Easy of handling and seaworthiness are awesome (I am yet to find a better one). And unless you are a "performance freak" you will find its light wind speed reasonable. The same goes to pointing ability. Of course these are not the strongest features of an Amel, but rest assured they are not weak.


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Dear all, I followed silently for many years this interesting forum and today I dare to ask a question. These days I'm deciding to purchase an used Amel 54 year 2007, very gently maintained, to be used for cruising in couple the Mediterranean, then we'll see. I know the quality of the construction and the only concern is regarding the performance of the boat in the classic Mediterranean conditions: wind less than 15 knots or upwind against short and steep waves. I have no experience about a ketch rig and compared to direct competitors such as Hallberg Rassy I fear it forces to a greater use of the engine in light wind or does not allow to tighten equivalently the wind without loosing speed too much. I would be very grateful to all the Amel 54 owners if they could give me an opinion on the boat performances, ease of handling in small crew and seaworthiness. Thank you very much indeed. Best regards. Nilo


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