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We have Pantaenius Sweden and I don't recognize anything what you say.

You can change sailing area when ever. You don't have to wait until a certain date, you just let them know when to change to the new area. If the new area is mor expensive you will have a higher cost, if you move to a cheaper area they will lower your cost.

During hurricain season in Caribbean you can be where ever you want, as long as your NOT on anchor during a hurricane/named storm.

Also, you decide the value of your boat and pay insurance fee depending on that and your sailing area. If you have a failure and need to use the insurance they do not do any deduction due to age, as all other companies do. Except in UK where the law says that you have to make a deduction.
There is no limitation on personal items or electronical items onboard. You don't have to pay extra for dingy and outboard motor.
 With our previous insurance company we were only allowed 1 PC on board and it only covered electronics for 10,000 Euros. We also hade to send a list every year on all electronicals. Personal items was insured with 1000 euros a person. And the dingy with motor was not included, hade to have a separate insurance for it.

All employees at Panaenius Sweden are reputated sailors, some of them have worked as surveillors before there employment with P and all of them know what sailing is about and how a sailboat functions

So I can really recommend you to contac them. See my earlier posting in the subject.

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My experience with Pantaenius  was this:
I sailed from the Caribbean to the Med and arrived 4 weeks after my Caribbean contract run out. I had to stay another 11 month inside the Med with a Caribbean contract which in my case was 3000.-€
more expensive. I never had a claim.
Also Pantaenius did not insure my boat proper in the hurricane season: 
North of 10"N I would have only been insured not at anchor, not in a harbor and not on a mooring.
In case of a named tropical storm my only options would have been sailing. Thanks but no thanks.
Now I will go with Bavaria Yacht Insurance where I'll pay 500€ less and my deduction is only 1000.-€ instead of 4000.-€ with Pantaenius... It does not mean they are better or worse. It's still an insurance company.....
This is all said about Pantaenius Germany, which is probably different from the US.
In my case the only good customer service I received was taking my money...
All the best and fair winds
Rainer Huthmacher
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I disagree with the Pantaenius statement below.


I have been with Pantaenius and maintain Cream Puff inside the hurricane zone. Florida can be a very difficult place to obtain good boat insurance at a reasonable price and Pantaenius meets the mark. They are priced in the market at slightly above average, the customer service is exceptional and they offer fixed value coverage (no depreciation factor as a vessel ages) all around the globe.


Unless someone has a factual claim to support a negative review on a company, please refrain from broad trash statements.


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Don't go to Pantaenius insurance!! I was with them 4 years and are now with Bavaria.... Basically the same but a lot cheaper...

Good luck

Rainer Huthmacher

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Thanks Bill - I had a feeling that the weather was not being too kind. We have a wedding for our daughter this weekend then we will be out moving in your footsteps from Gocek to Corfu via the Corinth canal.


Best of luck



Peter Forbes

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The Agean has been lively for a week and will continue through this week...3 meter seas and 20-35kts. We are in Naxos until things calm down. We are going to take a ferry to Santorini and stay overnight in a hotel on Saturday when the weather has calmed. In 2011 we took BeBe to Santorini and anchored in the caldera...amazing.


We have had insurance with Assurances Maritimes de Lassée in France for about 4 years. We have no complaints...but, of course, we have not had a claim. Others in the Amel Group have recommended them.



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On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 3:47 PM, Peter Forbes <ppsforbes@...> wrote:




Thank you I will give it a go.


How are you getting on in Greece?




Peter Forbes

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On 7 May 2014, at 16:36, Bill & Judy Rouse <yahoogroups@...> wrote:





Françoise GODINEAU <fgodineau"at">

Assurances Maritimes de Lassée in France

Tel : 05 46 45 46 45

Fax : 05 46 44 11 26


Tell her that you want a quote on a policy like BeBe has. Also get her to email you a quote and a copy of their policy in English. They specialize in Amels.


I think you will be happy with the policy and quote.



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On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 3:31 PM, Peter Forbes <ppsforbes@...> wrote:


Can anyone advise me of a reputable insurance company prepared to insure for single handed sailing on an Amel 54?

Thank you in advance.

Peter Forbes
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