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Patrick McAneny

Veit, His name is Scott Stusek , he is a sailor himself and is very willing to take time to explain and answer questions. His cell is 914 217 7991 office , 443 569 7995. I found that the policy had few exclusion , unlike what someone wrote. I checked yesterday with Scott and Pantaenius has no exclusion precluding solo sailing. Tell Scott I referred you maybe we can get a break. They have what is called their " Amel Plus Program" , I need to ask what that's about.       Pat
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Hello Pat: can you please send me info on the local brocker? We live in Baltimore.

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I just got a quote from the local Pantentaenius broker , summers on the Chesapeake,  Nov.- April in the Caribbean , for $ 3070. for $280,000 face value. Summer season covers area from Jacksonville to Newfoundland and out to east of Bermuda. No deductible for lighting strikes, etc. I will be sending in my application this week unless someone knows something I don't. 
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I disagree with the Pantaenius statement below.

I have been with Pantaenius and maintain Cream Puff inside the hurricane zone. Florida can be a very difficult place to obtain good boat insurance at a reasonable price and Pantaenius meets the mark. They are priced in the market at slightly above average, the customer service is exceptional and they offer fixed value coverage (no depreciation factor as a vessel ages) all around the globe.

Unless someone has a factual claim to support a negative review on a company, please refrain from broad trash statements.

Best regards,


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Don't go to Pantaenius insurance!! I was with them 4 years and are now with Bavaria.... Basically the same but a lot cheaper...

Good luck

Rainer Huthmacher

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Thanks Bill - I had a feeling that the weather was not being too kind. We have a wedding for our daughter this weekend then we will be out moving in your footsteps from Gocek to Corfu via the Corinth canal.

Best of luck


Peter Forbes

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The Agean has been lively for a week and will continue through this week...3 meter seas and 20-35kts. We are in Naxos until things calm down. We are going to take a ferry to Santorini and stay overnight in a hotel on Saturday when the weather has calmed. In 2011 we took BeBe to Santorini and anchored in the caldera...amazing.

We have had insurance with Assurances Maritimes de Lassée in France for about 4 years. We have no complaints...but, of course, we have not had a claim. Others in the Amel Group have recommended them.


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Thank you I will give it a go.

How are you getting on in Greece?


Peter Forbes

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Françoise GODINEAU>

Assurances Maritimes de Lassée in France

Tel : 05 46 45 46 45

Fax : 05 46 44 11 26

Tell her that you want a quote on a policy like BeBe has. Also get her to email you a quote and a copy of their policy in English. They specialize in Amels.

I think you will be happy with the policy and quote.


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Can anyone advise me of a reputable insurance company prepared to insure for single handed sailing on an Amel 54?

Thank you in advance.

Peter Forbes
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