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Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

For our quick 3 months direct Atlantic, Panama and Pacific crossing from Canary Islands direct to Australia Pantaenius (UK Office) seemed to be the best we could get at the time. They came highly recommended by PYD and were also happy to insure our 11yr old rigging without replacement after a good survey report. Although not the cheapest at all, they were certainly happy to allow us to adjust the policy as and when we sailed into each new zone but this was quite expensive in all. 

In Australia we have just renewed with them from their new Australian office this time and these guys were certainly competitive (but not the cheapest) locally, seemed fair in terms of cyclone coverage compared to others, and with a better quality of cruising coverage in this region than the other local competitors we thought.

Agree with Bill that it all depends on the area you are sailing in and the office you are dealing with. Both London & Sydney offices were really great to deal with although we had no claims yet and also recently discovered from the Australian office that a torn bimini cover (after a recent storm here) was not covered. 

We are interested to hear about the Pantaenius Indian Ocean coverage issues and hope that they lift their game in this respect before we do that crossing (some years in the future still) however we will be shopping around ahead of that time with some of the companies mentioned in this most interesting discussion topic.

Colin & Lauren Streeter
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Thank you - I will try that too.


Peter Forbes
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Try with Talk to Bo Bergkvist and say that I recommended you to contact him.

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Can anyone advise me of a reputable insurance company prepared to insure for single handed sailing on an Amel 54?

Thank you in advance.

Peter Forbes
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Colin Streeter
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