Looking for our former Mango

foxfun18 <reserveren@...>


As most of the boat owners, your glad when you buy your boat, and your
glad when you sell it. But with an Amel you will find out later that
you have sold something special.

This is the reason that we're searching for our former Mango "Lady
Anthonia" on which we sailed for 5 years. It was on one of the last
build Mango's and so far as we can remember had it hull number 72.
Because we're not sure about the hull number it can also be 71- or 74.
We sold it in 1994 in Ft Lauderdale via Joel Potter to an US citizen
who called the vessel Renaissance (or something like that). Does anyone
know where it is and/or what has happened to it ?

Laurens & Catharina

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