Dearty diesel

Rainer Huthmacher

Hello everyone
After my recent Atlantic crossing I did routine maintenance on my Perkins Prima and as I opened the water separator I noticed a black sludge on the bottom of it. I opened the diesel lift pump and found the same in the mesh there. It was almost completely closed. After that I changed the diesel filter which is fitted on the engine and cut the old filter open to see how it looked inside. Luckily it was not to bad... The engine was still running fine.
I used a Yacht Icon biocide all the time but I used less than the recommended amount.
I probably shouldn't have bought the 120 gallon of diesel for $10.- in Venezuela before I left the Caribbean.
I only used about 5 gallon of it during the passage.
So here comes my question:
Can anyone recommend a product to treat contaminated diesel? Or do I have to get rid of my 550 liters?
Any advise on how to proceed is greatly appreciated....
Fair wind
Rainer Huthmacher
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