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Rainer Huthmacher

Thanks Craig

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Hi Rainer,

Ah, the old H.U.M.bug problem.  Google it for lots of discussions. Bottom line imo is not to dump your fuel, but to overdose your tank with biocide, motor sail in some bouncy seas to stir the pot and then check and clean your water separator and if that is still showing "sludge", change the fuel filter too. Repeat until it all settles down.  (I've got an additional Racor filter in the line with a glass window so I can spot trouble before it gets to the engine mounted filter, but checking your water separator is fine.)

After that, using the recommended dosage of biocide should do the trick.

Some folks also swear by adding about 5% gasoline to their diesel and others swear by expensive "polishing" treatments, although both may be a bit like keeping the elephants away. Still others advocate pre-filtering all fuel brought on board with a "Baja Filter" or similar.  Perhaps good for back-water ports, but I'll stick with biocide.

Good luck with it,
Craig Briggs, SN#68 Sangaris, in Sicily

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Hello everyone
After my recent Atlantic crossing I did routine maintenance on my Perkins Prima and as I opened the water separator I noticed a black sludge on the bottom of it. .........
.....Can anyone recommend a product to treat contaminated diesel? Or do I have to get rid of my 550 liters?
Any advise on how to proceed is greatly appreciated....
Fair wind
Rainer Huthmacher
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