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I searched the Imtra catalog on-line. Imtra does not have the polished brass model or a model called Life.

They do have what looks to be the same fixture in stainless steel at $110 plus the shade which is sold separately.

BeBe 387

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Imtra brand wall light, style called "Life" appears to be the identical lamp as on our SM2k hull #248.  price a few years ago was US$183 for lamp, US$44 for shade.  see for current info.
I have had good luck cleaning the half-lampshades by dusting them first and then spraying with a chlorine bleach/water 50-50 solution, then rinshing with fresh water.  they come out looking branch new.
SM2k hull #248

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Wall sconce SM 1997. 
The varnish is dull brass, I would change the wall sconces, someone does it address a supplier to change these lamps with half lampshades.
thank you very much

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