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Ben "Santorin LO"

Thanks to All for the useful info, however, after opening the computer unit 3 times I observed that so many of the parts were already replaced, and every time when fixing something and put back, different problems appears. So the problem is definitely in the computer, and feel a bit uncomfortable to get second hand one which will have same potential issues.


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Hi, On my Santorin, I just replaced the drive unit of the autopilot (the motor actionning the steering wheel) by a Raymarine type 2 (12 V : M81136 ). It’s a rotative driving unit, not a linear one.
The size of the motor had been given by Raymarine on basis of the specifications of the dead unit. It’s the unit calibrated for a max 20T displacement. The smaller one, for up to 10T is too small according to Raymarine and Pochon, the installer of the autopilots on the Amel boats.
Hope this helps
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Hi All, the ST7000 did its best but seems like at the age of 22 needs to retire. What will be the recommended new one for Santorin? ev 200 (medium size boats) or ev 400 (Large size) Raymarine? Any other tip or recommendation? also taking the opportunity to ask - does anyone has the weight from travel lift? as on the web when search for Santorin weight I find anything between 11 tones to 25 tones...

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