Fresh Water Pump Cycles

Stephen Davis

My wife and I are in the process of bringing our new/old AMEL SM (072) from Rio Dulce , Guatemala to Brunswick, GA. We are currently on the hook in Key West waiting for weather to head north, and our fresh water pump keeps continually cycling on and off. The first thought was a water leak, but we do not seem to be losing water, and can't find any signs of freshwater in the boat. I removed the pressure switch from the pump, and cleaned out the small orifice, but it is still doing the same thing. The pressure accumulator has air on the air side, and the gauge on the manifold reads 0 psi when the water pump is turned off, shows pressure when the pump is running, and goes back to 0 psi when the pump cuts out. With zero pressure with the pump not running, the pressure switch drops down to the cut-in pressure, and the cycling continues. It seems to me that the accumulator tank may be bad, but I'm looking for advice from some of you experienced owners. Thanks in advance for your help. 

Steve and Liz

S/V Aloha

SM 072

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