Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Fresh Water Pump Cycles

Stephen Davis

Hi Bill and Judy,

Thank you for the detailed information. It appears we will be in Key West until late next week waiting for the 20 to 30 knots of NE wind to subside allowing us to continue up to Georgia, and I've got plenty of time to do some more trouble shooting. At the moment, we are turning the pump on when we need water, and back off when we are done. While this works, it is starting to get a little old. All of the important parts of the boat have been performing well on our way North from Guatemala, but I've been chasing down a lot of things like this along the way, as the boat has not seen much use for a couple of years prior to us buying her in February. On the bright side, fixing stuff is a great way to learn how your boat works. Our anchor wash down pump started leaking badly in Belize, and we have been using the bucket technique until I get the time to deal with that.  All the sails are new, as is the standing rigging, and I really love sailing this boat. 

Our hot water heater expansion tank is located on the port side of the engine room behind the hot water heater. It is a large expansion tank, and appears to have been replaced recently. I'm guessing around a 1 gallon size. After my coffee, I will go look again for any signs of leakage, but I do not think it is leaking. When I took the pressure switch apart yesterday, the small pressure orifice was clogged looking, and I cleaned it really well. I thought this would fix it for sure, but I'm still getting the exact symptoms. I even had a new pressure switch onboard, and installed it with no results. By the way, The pressure comes up to about 30psi when the pump is running, but drops back to 0 within 3 seconds as soon as the switch cuts it out, and the cycling begins. 

I am fairly certain I do not have a rebuild kit for the water pump onboard. Not having the rebuild kit, and the fact the pump is out of production, makes it more likely I will replace it with something off the shelf. West Marine in Key West can get me a 24v on demand pump by Tuesday, or I may just put up with it until we get to home base. Liz is shaking her head no to that solution. We are going to be prepping the boat for a circumnavigation, and any components which are out of production and hard to get parts for, I will replace with something else. I hate replacing expensive pumps with something more generic, but ease of maintenance in far away places is more important to me. I'm also going to have to replace my anchor was down pump with something else, and if anyone has any input, I'd like to hear it. I forgot to answer your question, but we do have the AMFA pump. Any spares I find to systems I remove, you will be welcome to. 

On a different subject, we are very interested in getting the davits/solar arch from Turkey, but they are low on the priority list at the moment. After we get the boat home, and take care of some more immediate concerns, we will start working on the arch. 

Thanks again for your help. 


Steve and Liz Davis
S/V Aloha. SM 072

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