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I had Riza at Emek (Amel rep in Turkey) rebuild my anchor wash pump. I had the kit and he provided the shop and the labor. I had previously rebuilt this pump and had the same results as Gary Silver, and still I decided to let someone else be at fault for the resulting leaks. Guess did not leak after he rebuilt it. Anyway, when they re-installed it, they arrived with new mounts. I suspect the rubber mounts are something available in Turkey and probably easily mailed to the US.

Try him at cagdas"at" If he has them, let the rest of the group know, because they will need them if they rebuild this pump.

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Hi, all,
In the process of getting all the rust particles out of the false bottom in the chain locker drain pipe, I had to remove the anchor wash pump.  I found 3 of the 4 vibration mounts had failed.  I've been on line for hours trying to find replacements in stainless without success.  The problem is in the 5/16 (or 8mm?) studs in 1" (25mm) length versus the diameter/height of the rubber isolator.  I can't find anything with 1" studs on both ends that has the rubber diameter of 1" (?25mm) and height of 3/4" (19mm) or anything close enough that would work.  If I go up to 3/8" studs, the diameter of the rubber isolator becomes to wide to fit.  Yes I've tried McMasterCarr, and 8 or 10 other sources.

Has anyone sourced these vibration mounts?  Any reason why I couldn't use the mounts that have female threads on both ends and find some SS 5/16" rod to make my own studs?  Would you use something other than rubber? They come in neoprene, polyurethane, and other more grease/oil resistant than rubber... the failure seems to be the glue between the stud plate and the rubber, the rubber seems to be in pretty good shape.

Kent ("Rusty")
Tiger Point Marina Fernandina Beach FL

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