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You have moved from Freshman to Sophomore...congratulations! Good luck on finding that exact tank...I gave up and ordered one from Amel...however, I am sure that I gave up too early.

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Hi Bill,

I did not actually take the water pump apart, as it seemed to be working fine. I did take the entire manifold apart, and replaced the one way valve. The only thing I did not take off the manifold was the accumulator tank. When I re-installed everything, I had a a substantial leak from where the accumulator screws into the manifold. I took the accumulator tank off, and found about 1/3 of the threaded nipple on the tank was corroded away, and it would not be possible to make a watertight fitting. I the screwed a house barb into the manifold, attached a length of water hose, attached the other end to the threaded nipple on the tank, hose clamped it all, and secured the tank near the pump. How do you spell jury rig?  Bottom line is I have no leaks, it is working fine, but I need to find a new accumulator tank when we get back. 

Thanks for the info on the spares. 

Steve and Liz Davis

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