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Thanks for that. I'm trying to avoid replacing it but if I have to I'll try that.

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I relined my Santorin. Previous owner had scraped old foam off and re glued it. In aft cabin I removed the old lining and put new lining up. I did not glue it to the ceiling. I cut four thin plywood panels to fit the ceiling and glued and stapled the new foam on. Then I held the panels in place on the ceiling with self adhesive Velcro. I covered the butt joints with a 20 mm wooden batten held by brass screws. Looks good and in keeping with rest of boat. You could use the original fabric without the backing on the plywood, but make sure to remove all the old foam and glue..
Sticking large sheets above your head is tricky to say the least. The panels mean you can do the gluing on a table. If one subsequently comes apart its easy to remove the single panel again to fix it.
It's eBay enough to find a wood stain/ varnish fir the battens to match the rest of the woodwork,

Good luck


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