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The HP pump on a Dessalator 160 is a CAT pump. I bought oil for a water maker CAT pump at a water maker shop in Turkey. I am sure that you can find a water maker shop/guy in Ft Lauderdale.

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If I remember correctly it is some sort of food grade oil. Not motor oil. You should be able to get it any marine store that specializes in water makers.

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Spent a couple of hours reading and re-reading the Dessalator manuals provided on the "Accesories" binders (the Amel manual itself makes reference to a smaller 50L unit not installed on this vessel)

It clearly says that the Dessalator high pressure pump (the CAT pump) needs "30W/40" oil.  It is unclear wether this is regular motor oil or some sort of hydraulic oil.

Spent a while on the internet looking for this oil.  Was not able to find a "30W/40" oil.  According to Wikipedia, "W" oils end at 25 (5W, 10W, etc), and do not reach 30W.

Certainly a common oil such as 10W-40 would not be suitable for this?  The 10W would be too thin at ambient and/or pump-startup temps.

Heavily tempted to simply use straight 30 oil.

It is not very clear from the manual what Dessalator model Peregrinus has.  We were under the impression it is a 120 l/hr machine but on the manual the models shown skip from 75 l/hr to 140 l/hr and the latter one seems to match the output quantities we've seen.  Therefore, it might be a D140 / 2.5kW / 220V. 

Any advice on oil to be used much appreciated.

Laying at anchor in Lake Sylvia / Ft Lauderdale today, waiting for tomorrow's weather window north.

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