Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] 30W/40 oil for Dessalator high pressure pump

svperegrinus <no_reply@...>

Thank you Vito and Bill.

We postponed our departure by one day to get the oil and missed half our sailing window!  For anyone else who may have a watermaker with a CAT high pressure pump, what you need is:

CAT Pumps Crankcase Oil ISO 68, petroleum based, hydraulic oil.
21 oz. (0.62 liter) $12.95 at Watermakers Inc. of Ft. Lauderdale
Funnily enough, the Amel manual on board wants 0.75 liter oil changes on this pump!

Or, per e-mail received from the CAT factory yesterday:
  "We do have our own Cat oil that can be found at Northern Tool and Home Depot.

But if not available to you.

It is a non detergent 30W Hydraulic oil, or a ISO 68"

And then we desalinated over 300 liters today.  This thing is fast.

sv Peregrinus
At anchor, Lake Worth, La Florida.

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