Re: bow thruster on 54 wont go down

Bob Hodgins <bobh@...>

I recently had the same problem on my 54. I found a faulty mini relay in the control box, which you referred to. My problem was intermittent, so caused some frustration to finally sort it out. There are 4 mini relays in the control box which is mounted on the wall just above the thruster motor. There is a good wiring diagram in the Amel manual that details the circuitry. In a lurch you can find a similar 24v relay at a local HVAC company which will work fine, but they are generally larger and don't fit in the original space very well. A good replacement for the originals can be found at, part #73982, $5.51 each. I purchased a complete replacement set and a back up set to have aboard.
Bob Hodgins
Amel 54 #31
currently on the hard in Puerto Rico


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